Last night a rattata saved my life

A reddit user wrote a perfect story.

So yesterday night at 01 am after working on my master thesis I decided to go for a walk to get some fresh air and catch some pokémon. I live in a town in Spain where the historical center has many pokestops so I was walking through those streets. There are some of these streets where vehicles can circulate but they are suposed to go slow as they are narrow streets between old houses where you don’t have any visibility.

The thing is that I was moving towards a corner where there is a pokestop and planning to turn right there to get another pokestop in that street. As I was aproaching, a ratatta appeared in my screen. Normally I just keep on walking and catch it while moving but as I saw a car aproaching in front of me and the street was narrow I decided to simply stand while catching it, waiting for the car to pass.

So I throw my first pokéball and raised up the head to look for the car when suddenly.. BOOM!! A car appeared super fast from the crossing street hitting the side of the car that was circulating towards me. The car moved violently towards the corner where the pokestop is (an old house of my town) smashing against the wall. At first I was like “wow, wtf I’ve just seen”. But inmediately my thouhgts turned to “if I’d have been here 10 seconds before I would’ve been smashed by a car for just 2 potions and 1 normal pokeball”. I was in shock, trembling with the rattata that escaped from the pokéball (obviously) looking at me from the screen. Neighbours started opening the windows and asking me what happened while I was alone standing there paralyzed watching the scene. Actually the drivers from both cars came out and they seemed ok both. Fortunately there was no one in the co-driver seat of the car smashed. Actually I was surprised that the owner of the smashed car was not mad at all because it was completely the fault of the other guy that had 2 big signs of STOP and is also painted in the ground. So, yeah luckly finally nothing happened so it was just a scare for everyone in the end. I stayed there until the police came just in case they wanted a testimony but it was quite obvious what happened.

So thank you rattata, even you are a **** useless pokémon you saved my life.

P.S. yes, I captured it. What else could I do after all? 😀 I’m planning to not evolve it and raise it to max level as a tribute but don’t know yet lol

EDIT: pic of the rattata: place of the accident:,2.0879034,3a,75y,134.34h,74.06t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sJ_6Bg_d8NVSpBergkFvLwA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en