Here is some tips about Skam p3 season 4

A reddit user wrote tips about skam season 4. Lets read together.

s1 and 2, I watched them after I saw season 3 and I have some theories about the lead of next season.
*It’s someone who is there since the beggining: Noora and Isak are character who have a huge role in the series since episode one. According with the pattern, Jonas or Vilde could be the focus.
*It’s someone from the same group of people: Eva, Noora and Isak all kind of belong to the same group of friends. So, I think it would be difficult to make to focus about Evan for exemple, because he has his own friends.
*It’s someone who had its own arc close to the end of the season: Noora and William storyline begins close to the end of season 1. There’s storyline about Isak in the middle of season 2 and it comes back in the final 2 episodes. Sana had an arc, but it was a plot device for Isak. The only ones who had an independent arc were maybe Magnus or Vilde.
*At the final moment of the previous season the character looks straight to the camera: Happened with Noora on season 1 and the Isak look to the camera is very obvious at the end of season 2. On season 3, Evan is the last person, but we don’t know if he is looking to the camera or to Isak.
*It could be someone who represents an important message right now: Season 3 was released just two months after Pulse’s shooting, and the first episode there’re flashes about Pulse and Russia’s intolerance against gays. The producers could had chosen to place Isak as focus of season 3 because of that. Going for this pattern, Sana could be next.
What do you guys think?