Unanswered questions in Westworld Season 1

The season finale of Westworld finally confirmed the internet’s craziest Westworld theories. There really were two timelines running through the show, and William really is the Man in Black. But while the finale neatly wrapped the show in a bow for Season 2 and gave us plenty of answers, it also left a ton of unanswered questions to keep us scratching our heads until the next premiere.

Okay, who died?


Well, Ford died. We saw it happen. It’s always possible that he’ll come back in Season 2 as a host (did Westworld figure out the ultimate resurrection gimmick, or what?), but in light of the fact that it’s Anthony Hopkins, we doubt it. He’s not typically a sequel player. As for the rest of the cast, the show made sure they were all delicately left screaming as they plunged over the edge of a cliff. William (as the Man in Black) took a very real bullet to the shoulder from Wyatt’s men, but he was still standing. Charlotte Hale was left trapped in the gala while Dolores gunned down the guests, but we never saw her get shot. In Westworld, the rule seems to be “no assumptions.” If you don’t see something happen, you can’t bank on it being true. (And sometimes not even then.)

Following that rule, there’s still a real chance that Elsie is alive, too. When Bernard flashed back to grabbing her in the abandoned theater in Episode 8, the memory was conveniently cut short before he actually snapped her neck or did anything else seemingly more permanent. Even though she hasn’t reappeared in the show since that fateful night, her absence could be just a setup for a big return in Season 2. As for Logan, last seen riding naked and bound into the sunset, there’s a good chance he’s still alive, too. It’s unlikely that a member of the Delos board would be allowed to die of exposure in the park.

Then there’s Hector Escaton and Armistice, the badass with the snake tattoo. They’re left on their own in the Westworld labs, and although it’s implied that they met their end down there, those are really just two more possible deaths that we don’t see. And yeah, those two can’t really die — they’re hosts — but in those circumstances, they’re probably going to be bricked like Clementine if they get caught, which is supposed to be robot death. But since we see Clementine shoot William at the gala, there’s probably more here than we knew.