Where Are The Legendary Birds In Pokemon Go?

2017 is here and so the legendary Pokemon are still missing in Pokemon Go. We’re actually talking about the three feathered legendary birds; Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos. Since the release of the game, Niantic has been quite about releasing this legendary trio in the wild.

Where Are The Three Legendary Birds?

Aside from Mew and Mewtwo, these three legendary birds are the Pokemon that players have been waiting for the release. It’s already more than six months and there are still no words from Niantic. As we may recall, there’s a guy from US who already caught Articuno but Niantic revoked it because of some glitch reasons.

On the other hand, there are reports that Pokemon Go players may get the legendary birds in Spring this year, 2017. Despite that Pokemon Go players are expecting the legendary birds during the Christmas event, it looks like Niantic avoided giving out the legendary Pokemon.


Now, the rumors are quickly spreading across different Pokemon Go community about Niantic planning to release the legendary birds this coming Spring. Well, Spring may be the perfect time to introduce the Gen 1 legendary birds.

If the rumors are true and Niantic released the legendary Pokemon by spring, it is expected that Pokemon Go will boost its population once again. Spring is the best time to hunt Pokemon and releasing the legendary birds will motivate more Pokemon Go players to play the game.

via techpocket.net