Rare Pokemon List and How to Catch Them


Listed under the “Epic” group on the Reddit list. As it is commonly one of the more hard Pokemon to discover in the game. Dratini can occasionally be found close to places associated with water. Many players have reported catching the species near lakes, rivers, or in parks. That isn’t to say going to the water will give you assurance that you will catch Dratini but it may enhance your chances.

Beaches also look be a fine place to capture Dratini. Essentially if there’s a huge bulk of water in the area. Continue to look out for a Dratini emergence. Still one Reddit player truly reported to have set up one in a park that didn’t contain a bulk of water near it but that had a many of fountains. So Dratini could also just pop up in any area linked with water at all.

And if you’re tremendously fortunate. You could get a Dratini in absolutely casual no water spot at all. As some player have been lucky enough to have a Dratini show up in their house. If that’s the issue, you sure are in bless.

After all if you’re hatching 10km you can get a Dratini