The Walking Dead: 7 Perfect Facts About Negan

Lucille Was His Wife

Before the infection hit, Negan was a married man. He didn’t have any kids, but was happily married for some time.
No surprise here, his wife’s name was Lucille.
Lucille was a good woman, but Negan had been having an affair with another woman. In the middle of his affair, Lucille was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
Negan immediately regretted what he had been doing and called it quits with his mistress. Lucille knew he had been having the affair, and she brought it up during her battle. Negan said that he chose to end it because he realized what he had been missing, and how much he didn’t want to lose her.

Just before apocalypse began, Lucille passed away. This is why Negan is so attached to that bat of his.

In his eyes, that’s the love of his life.