15 Facts About ‘Westworld’ That Will Make You Love The Show Even More

15. Notice Any Jurassic Park Similarities?

Okay, so most of us know that world renowned novelist and filmmaker, Michael Crichton, wrote and directed the 1973 film that became the source of material for the Westworld television series. But Westworld isn’t the only story Crichton wrote revolving around a theme park in which the attractions went bananas. In 1990, Crichton released the science fiction novel Jurassic Park, but instead of lifelike mechanical robots, the attractions were real life dinosaurs.

There are many similarities between Westworld and Jurassic Park, and for the uninitiated, Westworld seems like something of a rip-off of the dino book and film series. The big question both stories seem to share is, “just because we have the technology and the ability to do something of mind blowing proportions, then, should we?”