15 Facts About ‘Westworld’ That Will Make You Love The Show Even More

5. Robot Flip-Flop

In the HBO television version of Westworld, the humanoid robots are the empathetic, likeable characters that everyone cares about, and it is the questionable behaviors of the actual human beings that seem to irk most audiences. This seems appropriate, because while robots and machines can be flawed in many ways, it is typically caused by human error or mishandling by the user. Humans, on the other hand, can be deeply flawed on a level that no machine has yet to match. The very existence of a theme park in which guests can play out their darkest desires is proof of that.

In the 1973 film version, the roles were reversed. The humans by all accounts were the good guys, fighting back against the evil robots, like the Gunslinger played by Yul Brynner, that turned against them.