15 Facts About ‘Westworld’ That Will Make You Love The Show Even More

2. Prepare To Be Surprised

Soon after the announcement came that HBO had committed to picking up Westworld for a second season and a collective sigh of relief blew across the globe, some of the actors opened up regarding the highly anticipated season finale. Jimmi Simpson, who plays William, one of the show’s morally torn protagonist’s, told TV Line that the series will certainly wrap up some of the big season 1 plot lines, but it will also open up the story and take some interesting turns.

So what can the Westworld audience expect down the road? Who knows! But according to those in the know, the season finale is as unpredictable as it is thought provoking. Not all will be satisfied, of course, but for the majority of fans around the world, the first season of Westworld will certainly go down as some of the best 10 hours of television out there.