15 Facts About ‘Westworld’ That Will Make You Love The Show Even More

10. Is That A Hemsworth?

If you catch yourself doing a double-take every time the head of security appears on screen, it’s because, yes, that’s a Hemsworth. Luke Hemsworth, Chris and Liam’s older brother, plays Westworld’s security chief, Ashley Stubbs, who is responsible for monitoring interactions between the theme park’s attractions and the guests who pay a cool $40,000 per ticket to be there.

An Australian native, this hunky Hemsworth began his career back in 2001, playing Nathan Tyson on Neighbors, an Australian soap opera. He continued to work in television and feature films pretty steadily for the next 15 years, but he hadn’t quite achieved star power status like his brothers. Though he may not have the blockbuster success of his younger brothers, Luke’s performance in Westworld just might give him the bump he needs to ignite a sibling rivalry.