15 Facts About ‘Westworld’ That Will Make You Love The Show Even More

6. Thandie Newton Couldn’t Wait To Get Out Of That F***ing Corset

Veteran actress, Thandie Newton, all but steals the show as Maeve, the ultra-lifelike robotic brothel madam who begins to question her reality and the world around her. In an interview with Collider, Newton talks at length about the time she spends in her birthday suit. While she appreciates the level of craftsmanship put into her costumes, particularly her corset, she admits, “I couldn’t wait to get out of that f***ing corset.”

Newton explains she was actually more comfortable in the scenes where she was bearing all. When she was naked, she explains, the cast and crew were “really respectful and in awe of my ‘bravery’.” Being an incredibly skin-heavy show, Westworld seems to challenge the conventions of sexual exploitation in unique ways, taking nearly all of the sensationalism out of nudity.