7 Walking Dead Characters Most Likely To Die In Season 7

1. Sasha

Oh, Sasha, you brave and lovely woman. Since meshing with Rick’s group, Sasha’s life has been one stricken with tragedy and grief, and she has lost loves both familial and romantic. But now that she has found Jesus, something I say only half-jokingly, Sasha has become mentally immersed in avenging her friends’ deaths by taking Negan down. Her confidence is greatly admired, but should her near-solo plans to attack come to fruition, Sasha will almost certainly not be The Walking Dead‘s biggest hero, and she probably won’t be alive to speak of her failure. Because what’s more telling than any of that? Actress Sonequa Martin-Green signed on as the big lead in CBS’ Star Trek: Discovery. Sasha’s days are numbered, guys.a

via cinemablend.com