What Do These Mysterious Walking Dead Season 7 Promo Images Mean?



Courtesy of AMC.
As the Huffington Post notes, this handprint looks like the one Tom Hanks gives a face, then names Wilson in Castaway. And do you know what? There just happens to be a Wilson in the Walking Dead universe: Scott Wilson, who played Hershel before he got brutally beheaded by the Governor.

Obviously, Hershel isn’t coming back from the dead. (Probably.) But then again, what if he is? Wilson recently starred in Netflix’s The OA, which is all about people dying and coming back to life. Granted, none of them were beheaded, but still: this coincidence is just too convenient to ignore. Then again, there is another more obvious Hershel parallel: farming, which is important to the Kingdom and was also a skill Hershel taught Rick. But yawn. We like the Headless Hershel Resurrection theory better.