11 Things You Never Knew About ‘The Vampire Diaries’

1. The network originally wanted to cast Ashlee Simpson as Elena

We’re just going to let this sit here. So you can process it.

2. Ashley Tisdale turned down an audition for The Vampire Diaries

Ashlee isn’t the only Ash who was up for Elena — Ms. Tisdale reportedly turned down an audition for the show, making that her second biggest mistake ever.

3. James Van Der Beek (aka Dawson Leery) could have been Alaric

Keep crying, Dawson. Keep crying.

4. Before TVD, Ian Somerhalder auditioned for HBO’s True Blood

It’s true — Ian was destined to be a vampire. Unfortunately, he tanked his True Blood audition. Fortunately, he made TVD a whole lot sexier with his presence.

5. Paul Wesley auditioned for Damon first

That said, did you know that Ian’s on-screen bro originally auditioned for the role of Damon? We’re glad things worked out the way they did!

6. Jeremy is older than Elena in real life

On the show, Elena is two years older than Jeremy… but in real life Steven R. McQueen is about 6 months older than Nina Dobrev.

7. Many TVD cast members are bilingual

No, they don’t just speak the language of hotness. Nina Dobrev can speak Bulgarian and French, Paul Wesley can speak Polish and Kat Graham knows Spanish, French and Hebrew. Awesome!

8. All episode titles in Season 6 are the names of 90s songs.

We see what you did there, TVD! Every episode in Season 6 is named after a ’90s song… which is appropriate because that’s where Damon and Bonnie got trapped.

9. The Salvatore brothers were almost the Whitmore Brothers

The producers almost changed the name “Salvatore” from the books. But at the last minute they switched back to their original plans. Phew!

10. Zach Roerig has a daughter in real life

Here’s a secret — Zach Roerig, who plays Matt, has a young daughter! He won full custody of her, which wasn’t too hard considering his kid’s mom is in jail.

11. The set changed locations after the pilot

While the TVD pilot was shot in Vancouver, the Mystic Falls you see today is actually in Covington, Georgia.