THEN & NOW: The cast of ‘The Walking Dead’ before they were famous

If you’ve watched “The Walking Dead” since the beginning then you’re used to watching actors come and go. Some stick it out for the long haul, but others only last a few episodes. Luckily, they’re actors so there’s a good chance they’ll pop up on other screens sooner or later.

While most of the stars of “TWD” got their big breaks with the hit AMC show, that doesn’t mean you haven’t seen their faces before. It might be hard to imagine them as anyone but who they play now, but these actors and actresses weren’t new to the biz by any means.

Here are the other roles the cast played before they landed their parts in the zombie apocalypse:

You know Andrew Lincoln as the group’s fearless leader, Rick Grimes.

You know Andrew Lincoln as the group's fearless leader, Rick Grimes.

He’s one of the (now) five original cast members still kicking, along with Carl, Carol, Daryl and Morgan.

Before he took on the lead role in TWD, he worked on the popular UK show “This Life,” but his most notable role was Mark from “Love Actually.”


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