Pokemon Duel App: 7 Things to Know About the New Mobile Game

Pokemon Duel is the latest mobile app that has the potential of becoming a gaming sensation.

The game is a new creation that came out soon after the hit throwback sensation Pokemon Go in order to reap the benefits of the franchise’s resurgence. Here are seven things to know about it:

  • The Pokemon Company made this game, which is a “gacha” game.
  • The gacha genre refers to a board game that is inspired by the 1990s Pokemon trading card game that many kids spent a lot of money on.
  • Pokemon Duel has a similar goal as you have to pay real cash to get better cards, build a better deck and succeed.
  • You make six-slotted decks on the game where you can combine stuff in order to make them stronger and fight opponents. There are uncommon figures, as well as rare ones and legendaries.
  • The game requires you to position yourself strategically, block, attack and have battles between Pokemon through a RNG wheel-spin where damage is determined based on where the wheel lands. The wheel also determines other effects such as paralysis, poisoning, etc.
  • The company did little to promote the game, instead releasing it on a whim without many people talking about it.
  • The user interface of Pokemon Duel leaves something to be desired, according to early adopters.