‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6 Spoilers: Dylan O’Brien’s Stiles Returns to Mid-Season Finale, Expected to Draw High Ratings?

It has been noted that there is a big drop in “Teen Wolf” Season 6 ratings, however, Dylan O’Brien’s character Stiles may just help the boost for its upcoming midseason finale titled “Riders on the Storm.”

Dylan O’Brien’s character Stiles Stilinski is considered as one of the show’s important characters, however, he has only appeared in the season for two episodes. Some reports noted that this might be one of the reasons why the show’s ratings have been dropping.

During this season’s episode 9 titled “Memory Found,” fans are already expecting the return of Dylan O’Brien’s character, however the battle to get him back is not over yet.

There might be a chance that the next episode finale titled “Riders on the Storm” may be about getting Stiles out of the train station.

MTV has released the “Teen Wolf” Season 6 episode 10 trailer and it promises a finale that fans would never forget. It has also hinted that Stiles may be finally back and return to the series.

In the last episode, it has been revealed that the pack was trying to finally get Stiles back. Fans can remember that a shadowy figure was walking towards Scoot, Malia and Lydia in a tunnel and according to the teaser, it does seem to confirm to be Dylan O’Brien’s character Stiles.

Ahead of the finale, fans are already looking forward to Lydia and Stile’s reunion in order for them to express their love with each other. However, fans may still need to wait until January 31 for “Teen Wolf” Season 6 episode 10.

To recall, Dylan O’Brien’s last day of filming for “Teen Wolf” Season 6 took place in late December. This has brought speculations to fans that their favorite character may just die in the winter finale.