What happens when you hit level 40?

Tons of players around the game have been making their way towards level 40 as the game passed it’s 6 month mark. Tons of trainers are already around level 30-35 which opens the question; What happens at level 40? Well most trainers as of now think the game is over at level 40 which is untrue, just some features become less useful and less desirable to use such as hunting all the Pokemon we can and hitting Poke Stops. One of the core benefits of reaching level 40 is the amount of high level CP Pokemon around you and being able to destroy gyms with ease.

Also, we get a bunch of cool items that we don’t really need at level 40.


There aren’t too many level 40 players in the game as of now, though there is well above 10 players who’ve reached this goal. Each of these trainers still play and are anticipating new features and updates to come. One of the most expected updates is a raise in trainer level cap, which most of us expect the level cap to be raised to 50. At level 40 you’re able to obtain more gym and enjoy new features and events a bit more than others as you’ve got nothing else to focus on.

One of the more interesting details of level 40 is the fact that you can continue accumulating XP past 20M. Which is a bit weird as the Cap is level 40 which opens expectations of new levels to be added and no wasted XP once they’re added. So if levels 41-50 end up being added tomorrow, these trainers current XP will transfer to the new level once they update the  game.

A Cool but iffy idea for level 40 trainers, would be giving them an item that allows them to place one PokeStop wherever they want. This could help out some areas that need PokeStops desperately, another idea to add to this could be relatable spawns for that PokeStop depending on their most used Pokemon. If you like this idea, then be sure to let us know in the comment section!