‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7B: Carol Might Be The Lone Martyr This Year

The Walking Dead Season 7B is coming back and there have been plenty of reports saying that it is going to be completely different than the first half that aired in 2016. But what we have not really been told yet is just what kind of role Carol Peletier will play in Season 7B, and whether or not she is at risk for death.

One thing that we do know about Season 7 of The Walking Dead is that the producers for the show are not afraid to purge themselves of the original Atlanta Five, or should we say “Four,” which comprise the core group of Alexandria and the main reason why community has thrived to the point they are at now.

If The Walking Dead were to get any more tragic, it might end up losing fans of the show. But that will not stop them from using the core characters in The Walking Dead to find a reasonable path forward, which would mean a path that would make sense and stay close to The Walking Dead comic book canon.

But what about Carol? In the original The Walking Dead comic book, she died a long time ago and there never was a Daryl. The two have actually struck up a close kinship on the show and their survival is the only thing that matters to one another. In the end, they will go to extreme lengths to make sure that they both live, even though Carol is still so far away from Daryl at the little house outside of the Kingdom. Melissa McBride, who plays Carol Peletier on The Walking Dead, spoke with Vanity Fair and gave them a look at how she views Carol and the situation that she is in, which includes how she herself would have handled such a situation in real life had it been her. “I’m glad she’s taking a little time for herself,” Melissa McBride told Vanity Fair. “When you’ve lost everything, there’s still much to be had—there are people. When you find people you care about, that’s an amazing thing. I mean, that’s it.” On The Walking Dead Season 7, Carol has decided to leave the group because she does not want to be the killer that she has turned out to be. She also does not want to see the people that she loves die, or to see them suffer. So her decision to leave was essentially one that would preserve her own sanity and leave her with nothing in the world besides herself, which is fine with her at the moment. But now that the core group has gotten to the point where they want to fight back on The Walking Dead, they are coming around to the Kingdom to seek allies in the fight against Negan. That will, of course, lead Rick and the group to cross paths with Carol at some point and eventually, she will have to come to terms with the fact that she simply will never be able to get far enough away from the people she loves in order to achieve the peaceful life she wishes to lead.