‘Pokemon Go’ Raid Boss List: Best Moves & Counters For Each Level (Egg Star & Color)

Pokemon Go trainers are participating in raids at all levels, trying to work together to bring down the strongest Raid Bosses and come out victorious. Now, players are analyzing which attacks, moves, and counters work the best against Raid Bosses at all egg star levels and colors. It takes time to compile all the information, but we have the early results from trainers here. Keep this story bookmarked and come back frequently, as we’ll be updating the article as more information is known.

The new gym raids made the game a lot more exciting and are encouraging players to work together. And it’s looking a lot more like that trailer we saw before the game first premiered. Remember the ending of this trailer from 2015?

Well, now we finally can join together to battle super strong Pokemon. But how do we defeat these Raid Bosses? Here are the attacks that players have noticed so far, and what seems to work best. To see a list of which Raid Bosses are appearing at each egg star level and color, along with CP levels for these Pokemon, see Heavy’s story here.

Here’s what we know so far about which moves and counters work. This information is coming from a variety of sources, including trainers on Reddit’s PokemonGo and TheSilphRoad communities, including this discussion started by Redditor Lobo2ffs and this discussion started by Redditor Pulsivesilver.