Who I think will sit on the iron throne at the end of season 7

Okay, so I’ll get this out of the way quickly. Cersei will be dead by season’s end, however it will not be Danerys who ends up on the uncomfortable chair. It will be either Littlefinger or Sansa depending on who can outplay who. Here’s how: So right now we can break it down between three factions: Lannister, Stark, Targaryen. In the beginning of this war, it has been really the Dany v. Cersei show, which I do think it will remain for the time being. Jon is not pressed about the war for the iron throne in the slightest. So lets assume Dany’s plan goes forward with Westerosi armies going to King’s Landing, and the Essosi folk going to Casterly Rock. Dorthaki and company take Casterly Rock easily, with Jaime ending up in the exact same postion as the blackfish possibly. The battle for king’s landing, however, is more of a cointoss. I do think, somewhere, amidst the chaos of a potential sack of king’s landing, Cersei will die. Whether it be by arya, brienne, tyrion, I have no idea. Still… this is game of thrones after all, the beginning did not start as predicted, the middle segment had a lot of twists, so why stop now at the beginning of the end ? Danerys winning would be too easy. And, as shown in season 2 in the house of the undying, she receives a vision of her almost attaining her goal of reaching the iron throne, but is distracted and does not accomplish it (in a room that is Snowing, at that). Jon will probably bring her into the conflict of the great war and the impending danger of the white walkers. And while it may finally seem that the human conflict is over and done with, someone will climb the steps and sit on that iron throne. That someone will be whoever leads the northern forces into king’s landing. It will be Sansa or Littleflinger. Now I know this may seem implausible for it to be someone who has no lineage at all to the iron throne. Remember the conversation ned and cersei had the day he confronted her about her children. “In the game of thrones, you win or you die”. Before she utters this line she asks Ned how come he didn’t climb the steps, and seize the throne for himself ? I think this presents a situation in which an existing monarchy is completely wimped out, and a kingdom is in shambles, anyone who is willing to claim the throne will do it. And then the scene cuts to the Wall going down, and then they are all fucked. The End.