Faker: “I’ve made too make mistakes in recent matches”

Yesterday, July 26th (KST), SK Telecom T1 finally ended their losing streak by defeating Ever8 Winners 2-0. After the match, Sanghyuk “Faker” Lee were interviewed on air.

Faker expressed his feelings about the victory. “I’ve made too make mistakes in recent matches, so I’ve been trying to minimize those mistakes as much as possible. I’m relieved because I think I’m playing better than before.”

Then faker continued, “This is the first time that I’ve gone on a losing streak like this. Although I am heartbroken for losing like this, but I’m more sorry for the fans who might have been also heartbroken. I promise that I’ll play better in future.”

Faker also disclossed that Coach Jungkyun “kkOma” Kim is under a lot of stress recently and how he looked more relieved than happy for winning today’s match.

Meanwhile, although SKT T1 defeated EEW today, the losing streak has put them in the middle of the pack in the LCK standings. SKT T1 will return this Friday for the match against ROX Tigers.