Top Vegan Cities In The World 2017

#2 Los Angeles

Home to a number of notable vegan celebrities such as Joaquin Phoenix, Alicia Silverstone, and Casey Affleck, Los Angeles boasts 72+ fully-vegan and 243 veg-friendly restaurants. Despite LA’s sprawling urban layout, you won’t have any trouble finding delicious healthy (or less-than-healthy) options throughout this large city. LA is known for its wide variety of international vegan cuisines, including 18 vegan Thai restaurants (we recommend Arraya’s Place and Satdha), two vegan Ethiopian restaurants (Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine and Azla Vegan), a mouth-watering vegan cheese restaurant (Vromage), an upscale gourmet vegan Japanese restaurant with 2 locations (Shojin), the second location of vegan Vietnamese favorite Au Lac, and the world’s first and only Cuban vegan restaurant (Equelecua Cuban Café). Vegan cheese pizza can be ordered at numerous restaurants throughout the city, or you can choose to stick with entirely plant-based Cruzers Pizza. LA is also home to iconic vegan musician Moby’s Little Pine vegan bistro, serving upscale Italian/Mediterranean fusion dishes; and also to celebrity chef Tal Ronen’s wildly successful Mediterranean fusion restaurant, Crossroads. Some superb vegan bakeries include Donut Farm,Erin McKenna’s Bakery LA, or Pomegranate and nearby is Moo Shoes for vegan shoes and accessories.

Although these options are spread out over a large area of the city, it’s no wonder why LA is often referred to as a vegan haven.