Top Vegan Cities In The World 2017

#4 Taipei

Taipei is internationally renowned for its delicious and inexpensive vegan/vegetarian restaurants on nearly every street. Most notably, it’s home to an abundance of Chinese/Taiwanese food restaurants specializing in mock meats, vegan buffets, and upscale restaurants offering 8-course vegan meals. Western-vegan fusion cuisine restaurants such as Mianto, specializing in mouth-watering vegan pizza and sweet cakes, and About Animals, loved for their delectable vegan burgers, are also wildly popular. On the healthier side, Taipei has 3 phenomenal vegan raw food restaurants including Ooh Cha Cha, Plants, and Universe.Cafe. If you love desserts, Taipei is home to Nice Cream, with their creamy, delicious vegan gelato, and Vegan Heaven, a small, colorful vegan bakery. A new vegan bakery just opened in May, 2017 called Hip Pun. In addition to vegan baked goods, they also offer events and baking workshops. Although HappyCow lists 30 fully vegan places and 207 veg-friendly listings, Taipei is so densely populated with veg-options that HappyCow only lists some of the more exceptional quality restaurants and food stands. Taiwan is a wonderful place to soak in the local culture while dining on some of the world’s finest vegan food.