Top Vegan Cities In The World 2017

#5 New York City

Even without including Brooklyn, Queens, and the outer boroughs, Manhattan alone is blessed with 86 fully vegan restaurants of incredibly diverse cuisines. For a quick, tasty meal or a fresh juice, Terri’s locations can be found throughout the city. You might also want to try what GQ Magazine rated “The Best Burger of 2015”: the Superiority Burger (a vegan burger). If you are seeking an upscale experience, Candle 79 and Blossom are superb choices, both specializing in elegant vegan American/International fusion dishes. Both restaurants also have less formal, less pricey versions throughout the city. Hangawi was perhaps North America’s first vegan Korean restaurant, and with its gourmet vegan Korean fare, the restaurant still remains wildly popular today. Hangawi’s sister restaurant Franchia Vegan Cafe also offers spectacular vegan Korean/Asian fusion food. If you are in the mood for French vegan food, Delice & Sarrasin serves amazing vegan crepes and vegan versions of other French classic dishes. New York City has 3 vegan bakeries (Jennifer’s Way Bakery,Vegan Divas Bakery, and Erin McKenna’s), a vegan confectionery (Confectionery!), a vegan ice cream parlor (Gelato Giusto), a vegan shoe store (Moo Shoes), and a vegan coat store (Vaute Couture) among its extensive vegan offerings. Although New York’s vegan offerings to population ratio aren’t as high as some of the other cities on the list, this city has more vegan restaurants than any other city on the planet.