Top Vegan Cities In The World 2017

#6 Singapore

Singapore is one of the most veg-friendly cities on HappyCow, with 590 veg-friendly listings (40 of which are fully-vegan restaurants) packed onto this tiny island. Even Singapore Changi Airport has more vegan options than some major cities in the world. Locally popular Fortune Centre is a haven for vegetarians. Almost all the eateries (restaurants and cafés) in this 4-level building offer vegetarian food, and a few of them are vegan. Although the majority of vegan restaurants in Singapore, including the famed Genesis restaurant, are Asian-fusion influenced, you can also find western-influenced burger restaurants such as Singaporean favorites NomVnom and Veganburg, and there are many vegan options for any budget in this city/country island.
With two locations, highly popular vegan ice cream parlor Brownice, which also serves vegan pizza and other Italian favorites, serves creamy, delicious vegan ice cream, brownies, fluffy waffles, and more treats. The owners recently opened a new ice cream parlor called Smoocht. At Loving Hut, vegan versions of traditional dishes Singaporean dishes such as Mee Pok, Orh Nee, and Nonya Laksa are available. VegCafe also serves vegan versions of local favorites such as Char Kway Teow, Laksa, and mutton curry rice. You are never far from veg options in this clean, beautiful city.