Top Vegan Cities In The World 2017

#7 London

With 79 vegan restaurants, and an abundance of vegan-friendly stalls, bakeries, cafes, and smoothie bars, when in London, you are never more than a tube stop away from anything vegan you might desire. Whether it’s a jackfruit burger at the Vegan Hippo (pick up Kizzy’s vegan cookies for dessert), PickyWops vegan pizzeria, the acclaimed 222, or a superb vegan dinner at Italian favorite Fed By Water, London has you covered. The world’s first vegan chicken shop, The Temple of Hackney, opened recently in the city and has been a huge hit. Ethnic favorites include Itadaki Zen Japanese Macrobiotic restaurant, Zionly Manna for delicious Caribbean / African food, Andu Caffeon the east side for Ethiopian, or if you have a big appetite, try the Dou Dou – Qing vegan Asian fusion buffet. If you crave something sweet, Ms. Cupcake or Vida Bakery will hook you up with their gourmet vegan cupcakes. Vegan food shopping is a breeze in London, as there are loads of health food stores with vegan products, plus several completely vegan grocery stores including Organic For the People, with their superb vegan deli, and GreenBay in west London. For those interested in raw foods Tanya’s Superfoods has what you are looking for. Vegan apparel can be found at The Third Estate, and London is even home to a fully vegan hair salon (The Rabbit Hole Vegan Hair Parlour).

The “How Many Vegans?” survey conducted May, 2016 by the Vegan Society found that there are about 542,000 following a vegan diet in Great Britain, of which around 120,000 live in London. This is a major increase since the last estimate of 150,000 in 2006, making veganism one of the UK’s fastest growing lifestyle movements.