‘Shameless’ Season 8: 7 Things That Need To Happen When Fiona And Frank Return

Here are seven things we’d like to see happen in Season 8 of “Shameless”:

Frank Scammed Again:

Frank has been down and out since “Shameless” premiered. In fact, it’s come to be an aspect of the show that fans enjoy tuning in for — what kind of trouble will Frank get himself into this season?

Whether Frank is able to move to meth or not, there’s sure to be a mess in store for him in Season 8. The Gallagher patriarch has been known to attract problems regardless of his financial standing at the time and with hard drugs at his disposal, the chances of things going wrong are even greater. Frank has already had his organs sold on the black market and been thrown into Lake Michigan in the dead of winter, so we’re eager to see what awaits him in Season 8 of “Shameless.”

Lip’s Drinking Under Control:

Lip (Jeremy Allen White) has always been one of the more promising members of the Gallgher family. He was accepted into college and was thriving as an engineering major until a failed relationship with a professor and his drinking got the better of him. His expulsion from college sent him back to Chicago’s south side, where he believed he could manage his drinking with moderation. When that failed him, he found himself in Alcoholics Anonymous, searching for something to inspire him to stay sober.

In his group he managed to make a friend with an equally uninterested addict who seemed to have mastered the art of living sober. Lip resisted at first, but finally gave in to the friendship. When last we saw the duo, Lip was learning how to put together a motorcycle engine — could it be that he’s found another use for his smarts?