The best Star Wars stuff that Disney doesn’t care about

Lucasfilm and Disney have officially pronounced the Star Wars Expanded Universe dead… or at least not quite alive as we knew it. Everything that fans knew and loved about the books, video games, and comics that occurred outside of the theatrical Original Trilogy has been razed from the face of Star Wars canon and conveniently slipped under the Legends banner, which is the franchise’s version of an alternate reality. George Lucas, who had previously approved these Star Wars tales as canon, apparently doesn’t believe in the law of “no backsies.” As we mourn the Expanded Universe under the unforgiving reign of Lucas and Disney, here are some of the things we’ll miss the most. Spoilers ahead (for a bunch of stuff that no longer counts), Star Wars fans…

The Tale Of Mara Jade


The story of Mara Jade is deeply interwoven into the story of the Skywalker family. While Jade never appeared onscreen in the Original Trilogy, the Expanded Universe positions her behind the scenes as a special agent for Emperor Palpatine. At one point she’s assigned to assassinate Luke Skywalker during his visit to Jabba’s Palace. Jade eventually shakes the Emperor’s hold on her and becomes a Jedi Master, marrying Luke Skywalker and having a few Jedi babies. Of everything trashed by Disney, Mara Jade is the biggest loss to the Star Wars universe.