The Top 12 Most Shameless Moments

12. The Time When Karen Jackson Finally Became “Daddy’s Girl”….



Karen is a very difficult character to like. While undoubtedly sympathetic because of her upbringing at the hands of a Catholic hypocrite and a love-smothering agoraphobe, she is also a girl who messed with Lip’s head three-ways to Sunday and would rather feed her special needs kid to the system than let her mother raise him.

However, her earliest sign of wrathful vengeance is also one that is totally justified, and a subversively hilarious bit from Season 1. When her dad slut shames her in front of the local church community after she confesses to her (admittedly many) lustful sins, she gets back at him and then some. She dyes her hair, she gets facial piercings…and she seduces (or rapes) a very drunk, defenseless Frank Gallagher…before sending daddy the viral video at work. It is sick, underhanded, and somehow a completely cathartic moment. Frank’s inebriated actions with the 16-year-old daughter of his girlfriend on the other hand…At least, Karen finally reconciled with her dad when she defecated on his tombstone.