New Rock Type Pokemon Coming

Generation 3 was recently found in Pokemon Go’s code meaning it will be released to the game at some point. Theorized to be part of the 4 major updates to hit this year. We should see the release of 135 more Pokemon. That’s 35 more than the second generation and adding a total of 386 Pokemon to the Pokedex.

It is thought that the more Pokemon added, the harder Pokemon will be to find and more uncommon Pokemon will become. When generation 2 was released there was a huge increase in Pokemon that spawned. Though, it’s unlikely Niantic will continue to increase Pokemon spawns during each generation release.

Here is a short list of the Rock-type Pokemon Generation 3 will bring with the update. it’s not certain when this update will hit just yet, however, it’s been a few months since the gym update hit.



Max CP: 2492
Attack: 100
Defense: 200
Stamina: 160



Max CP: 2482
Attack: 125
Defense: 100
Stamina: 150