Do You Need A Lapras? Here Is Where To Look For Lapras

Tons of trainers on reddit have been discussing the frequent spawn point in Singapore that has shared key characteristics across the world for the Lapras spawn. It seems as if Lapras spawns near the electric biome.

According to Hyu77, Singapore resident whose experienced frequent Lapras spawns in his town, has mentioned that this electric biome is associated to coastal areas, but are not as frequent as regular water biomes. They seem to occur on headlands, peninsulas and some piers (but not all piers), basically areas of land that bulges out to the sea.

In these Lapras ‘Hot Spots’ there are frequent spawns

According to Hyu77 these frequent spawns include:

  • Magnemite and magneton
  • Voltorb and electrode
  • Meowth
  • Shellder
  • Seel

In Singapore there is a dratini hotspot in a coastal shopping mall (around 8-12 spawns per hour) which at least a 100 people per day camping this area. This area is full of water spawns and some regular city spawn points. Yet, Lapras has never spawned in this area. So I set of to understand why this is the case.

There are a hand full of Lapras hotspots in Singapore, these areas are all by water, yet, the biome differed from the said shopping mall. Although there are still water spawn points, these Lapras hot spot areas are also electric biomes – Hyu77

He also mentioned that these Dratini hotspots never spawned a Shellder. In Singapore its been said that there are numerous Lapras hotspots.

Another redditor from Australia named Kijj9 on another reddit topic about this Lapras spawn has discussed specific times for his Lapras spawns. It seems as if his frequent spawns were around 4:30-7:00AM for his timezone. More specifically 7:13/7:14 AM.