‘Pokemon Go’ Players Discover A Tricky New Throw Technique

A tricky type of throw technique has Pokemon Go players around the world fascinated, even if it doesn’t actually make catching a Pokemon any easier.

It’s been a slow few weeks for Pokemon Go. While we’re in the middle of a new event and EX Raids are popping up around the country, players are in a bit of a lull as they wait for new features and new Pokemon to catch.

Luckily, Pokemon Go players have recently discovered a new type of trick throw that causes the Poke Ball to bounce off a Pokemon twice before catching it. The trick throw doesn’t actually impact anything in the game, but it’s still a new discovery and players around the world are now trying to replicate it.

How to Get a Double Bounce



Perfecting the double bounce requires crack timing and quick reflexes. Basically, players throw a curveball at a Pokemon as they’re attacking. The Poke Ball bounces up into the air after hitting the Pokemon once. The spin of the ball then causes it to hit the Pokemon a second time, this time when the Pokemon is able to be captured.

The double bounce technique is surprisingly tricky, as it requires just the right amount of curve and angle to get the ball not to fly away. That’s why many Pokemon Go players didn’t think the bounce was possible, even though we’ve seen players claim it was possible for months.

While there were anecdotal reports of the “double bounce” throw for at least a few months, it wasn’t captured on video until this weekend, proving its existence. Many Pokemon Go players were delighted at seeing the throw in action and have created a mini-game of sorts to try to replicate the results. Some players are even seeing if they can get a Poke Ball to bounce multiple times of a Pokemon. So far, the highest reported number of bounces is three!