‘Shameless’ season 8 spoilers: Frank’s new life how long will it last?

Gallagher family chaos continues as they each discover just how much they are like Frank and Monica.

Showtimes’ #Shameless season 8 teaser indicates that Frank Gallagher has a new life plan, not only for himself but all the entire Gallagher family. “Shameless” fans are well aware by now that when it comes to Frank, chaos is not far behind him. The new and improved Frank reveals huge changes both inside and out.

Life after Monica

Frank has turned a new page in his life, one where he attempts to walk the straight and narrow. He will clean up his act, no more drugs and booze for Frank, he will also get a J-O-B. That’s right Frank is going to give working for his money a try instead of scamming. He is also going to attempt to make amends with his kids.

This will not go over too well for Frank because trust is a huge issue when it comes to him, and he has not earned that.

Don’t worry too much about this though fans this Frank make-over is bound to be short-lived, after all, what is so “Shameless” about a man who works, loves his kids and stays sober as far as entertainment value goes? Not much and Frank is going to see that what is normal for most people does not fit into his life plan.