The ‘Pokémon GO’ Gear Guide: Top 5 Accessories

2. Nintendo Pokémon GO Plus

  pokemon-go-plus The Pokémon GO Plus is considered a luxury by most, though that’s probably just because they’ve been unable to buy one of these elusive wearables for themselves. The GO Plus is a small watchband device that is designed to help you through the grind, allowing you to visit Pokéstops and catch wild Pokémon with the push of a button. This way, you can leave you phone app on and not even have to take your phone out of your pocket to play.
The device uses light vibration and an LED light to alert you of passing stops and ‘mons, and can be totally customized with after-market skins. For so long, these peripherals were completely unattainable. Now that they can be purchased at MSRP once again, they are an essential for the player who needs help keeping up with the daily grind.