Pokemon Go news: New Gen 3 secrets revealed in latest update

The only thing missing appears to be sound files for the Gen 3, which will be needed to replicate their in-game cries.

This means that gamers can look forward to Gen 3 Pokemon being released very soon.

There’s always the chance that Niantic will hold back on this launch until they feel it necessary to add more content to the game.

Pokemon Go trainers are still testing out the new EX-Raids with Mewtwo, although that is more of an elite endgame activity.

A Gen 3 release would be available to everyone and could even inspire players to head out before the winter sets in.

There have been rumours that an assortment of new Gen 3 Pokemon could be released as part of the upcoming Halloween event.

Last year’s Pokemon Go Halloween limited run was the first seasonal event ever to hit the hugely popular Niantic game for Apple’s iOS and Android devices.

In 2016, the Spooky event launched on October 26 and ran through until November 1.

If history repeats itself, you can expect a similar launch and end date this year.

When it came to rewards, Last year Pokemon Go trainers taking part were able to earn even more precious candy.

They also got double the rewards for catching new Pokemon and then transferring them to the professor.