Guide To Buying A Used Car In UAE

Independent dealers

The used car markets such as the one in Al-Awir in Dubai and the one in Abu Shqara in Sharjah are where you’ll find all sorts of stuff; SUVs to saloons, hatchbacks to supercars, classic old girls to ones that haven’t officially landed on our shores yet through their dealers.

It’s also where you’ll find imports. US, European, or even Japanese specced cars can all be found here. American specced cars are usually 10-25% cheaper than their GCC-local siblings. Japanese specced cars, on the other hand, can sometimes be marginally more expensive than the GCC-specced ones as a result of their sought after ‘very clean’ condition.

In addition to the foreign specification cars, the local ones exist in a large spectrum of conditions, each with a price to match. Equally, watch out for dodgy cars and dodgy dealers.

Private purchases

However, the best bargains to be found are through buying the cars directly from their owners.

This should be, economically, the most efficient transaction for both parties. By cutting out the middlemen (dealers) the seller gets a little more than what he’d receive from a dealer, and likewise the buyer benefits from paying a lower purchase price. The only downside is that private transactions can prove a time consuming matter. And vehicles do depreciate with time…