15 Facts And Photos Of Emmy Rossum From Shameless

7. Her Directorial Debut

7. Her Directorial Debut

After seven seasons of watching other directors take their turn behind the camera’s on the set of Shameless Emmy Rossum finally managed to dig deep and find the courage to ask the showrunner, John Wells, if she could have a go at directing an episode. And to her surprise, he agreed! “I thought they would toss me a bone and go easy on me, but they threw me into the deep end without any waders,” she said. “They were like, ‘Swim, child!’ And I survived.” Not wanting to take any chances Rossum prepared extensively for her directorial debut, she took at cinematography class at NYU and even used Legos to plan for her eight-day shoot, which was also one of the season’s most expensive episodes. No pressure or anything!