‘Pokémon GO’ Just Got Its Strangest Regional Exclusive Pokémon Yet

go-gen-3-group5It’s nice for New Zealand, I suppose, but it definitely is pretty lame for the larger Pokémon GO population. Regionals have been bad enough as is, as to fill those holes in your Pokedex you have to either travel around the world or hope that an event opens them up for you (like what happened recently with Asia’s Farfetch’d). But at least for say, Tauros, players could travel to anywhere in North America to find one. Or Mr. Mime is found all over Europe.

But for Relicanth? It seems you have to travel only to New Zealand. That’s like having Tauros spawn only in California or Mr. Mime only show up in England.

I don’t like regionals, I never have. It’s bizarre to me that Pokémon GO has been out for well over a year, I can have 10 stacks of every Legendary Pokémon in the game, and yet I don’t have a single Kangaskhan because what, I can’t afford to travel halfway across the world to Australia to get one? Pardon my lack of commitment, I suppose, but that’s a ridiculous thing to ask of players, and it’s an OCD nightmare as you can play avidly and still have these 4-5 holes in your Pokedex if you can’t travel. Now, GO is just adding more.

These probably won’t be the last regionals, either. I believe that Africa is still the biggest region that doesn’t have its own exclusive, so I would expect it to get one soon in Gen 3, judging by what we’ve seen with the new regionals so far. At least that’s a bigger land mass, I suppose, but I maintain that regionals are a bad idea for Pokémon GO, and adding more in even smaller areas is only making things worse.