10 Gen 3 Pokemon That Are As Strong As Legendary Pokemon

Number 6 – Blaziken

MAX CP- 2858
ATTACK – 120

Number 6 – Blaziken

Starting from cute little Torchic, its a little confusing how Game Freak arrived at Blaziken – human-looking ninja chicken with pillars for legs. But who cares, because – yet again – the Fire-type starter ends up being pretty badass (and, according to you voters, way better than all the other starters – again). It probably helps that all of the recent Pokemon X & Y players were gifted a free Torchic that they evolved into a Blaziken that came with its Mega Evolution stone (thus depriving poor Klefki of a spot on your team). Even people who aren’t very pro-Blaziken have to admit its Speed Boost ability tips the scales pretty heavily in its favor, although the fact it has chicken legs for arms should make it a lot less coordinated than it is.