15 Pikachu Facts That Are Absolutely Worth Knowing


You can tell just how important Pokémon is to the world of the level of nonsense trivia that accompanies it. For example, why would a game that requires you to catch, train, and battle with various pocket monsters require a working knowledge of what condiment is their favorite? Well, you wouldn’t, but nonetheless, it’s a known fact that Pikachu is obsessed with ketchup. Not only has it been shown in the animated series at various times, but there are entire threads in online message boards and whole memes dedicated to Pikachu and his love for ketchup.
Perhaps his ketchup love comes from his love of all red foods – as the only foods that he’s ever shown eating aside from ketchup are apples and red berries. Or perhaps ketchup reminds him of Ash’s last name, which is Ketchum. Or maybe Pikachu’s creators just thought that it would be funny to see a little yellow lightning rat get overly excited by every five years old’s favorite hot dog topping. Whichever way you look at it, it’s just nice that we get to know something about Pikachu’s private life off the battlefield.