15 Pikachu Facts That Are Absolutely Worth Knowing


Topeka, Kansas either really love Pokémon, or it just wanted to take advantage of its unique name and capitalize on the Pokémon craze back in 1998. That’s why Mayor Joan Wagnon decided to rename the city ToPikachu for a day, most likely confusing all of its residents except the few that were excited for Pokémon’s brand new debut in the United States.

And while we’re unsure what this actually accomplished in terms of Topeka tourism or worldwide recognition, many fans of Pokémon still think of ToPikachu when they hear Topeka. And although the capital of Kansas never ended up being a haven for Pokémon fans more than any other city in the world, apparently Topeka got a kick out of changing their name and decided to do it again in 2010. This time, they changed their name to Google, Kansas for a whole month in a bid to get Google to install their fiber-optic internet in the town.