15 Pikachu Facts That Are Absolutely Worth Knowing


Most people – even the most casual of Pokémon fans – know that Pikachu’s primary power is electricity. The red circles on Pikachu cheeks – while being incredibly cute – are primarily used as pouches for storing electricity, at which point electric shocks can be sent out to damage opposing Pokémon. Pikachu can also use their shocking powers to zap a foreign object that they come across as a means to inspect it. But that’s for battle; so what about Pikachu’s energy powers in his off-time?

According to Pokémon canon, Pikachu can use electric shocks to recharge their fellow Pikachu if they are in need. They also are known for charging up their electricity storage when they sleep, which is something that every smartphone user wishes could happen with their phone as easily as it happens with Pikachu. Upon waking up, Pikachu are often seen discharging excess electricity, just like yawns, while they stumble around and get ready for the day