15 Pikachu Facts That Are Absolutely Worth Knowing


While Nintendo gets nearly all of the credit for Pokémon, the franchise was actually developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo in 1996. And although the whole Game Freak team is credited with the ideas and concepts that make Pokémon a runaway hit, one artist in particular – Atsuko Nishida – is credited with the design for Pikachu; something that she worked on along with other species of Pokémon throughout the Pokémon films and trading card series.
Finalized by Ken Sugimori – a man who is often looked at as the creator of all Pokémon designs – and conceived of by the Game Freak’s character development team, Pikachu is 1 foot 4 inches tall and is modeled after a mouse. Being the first ever Electric Pokémon, Pikachu is a pioneer in the world of Pokémon; something that he often doesn’t get credit for as everyone is distracted by his cute exterior and unassuming personality.