12 Reasons Why Star Trek Is Way Better Than Star Wars

Growing up my parents always told me about Star Wars and how much of a “great” movie it was. They made me sit down and watch every installment which is six movies of this space themed series. I have no seen the new one and nor will I ever see it because well, Star Wars sucks. If you think about it each movie is almost three hours long, thats 18 hours of just Star Wars. No thanks. Now, I won’t lie when I said I am a new fan of Star Trek, I started loving it over the summer when I dislocated my knee and wasn’t allowed to do anything active for two months. I also will admit I have never seen any of the older versions of Star Trek. Here are twelve reasons why Star Trek is better than Star Wars

1. Chris Pine

chris pine

Although Harrison Ford will always have a special place in my heart, that spot is only reserved for Indiana Jones version of Harrison Ford. Chris Pine is a total hottie, sorry not sorry.

2. There’s no Jar Jar Binks in Star Trek.

There's no Jar Jar Binks in Star Trek.

I don’t think there is much to say about this one being that it’s so obvious. Jar Jar Binks brings no relevance to the actual movie. He can’t do anything nor has any special powers that wow me or anybody else. Also does anyone really understand what he’s saying half the time? No.

3. Star Trek Has Better Aliens.

Star Trek Has Better Aliens.

Chewbacca has to be another irrelevant alien. One that doesn’t even speak any kind of understandable dialect because it’s just whining if you ask me. The Star Trek Aliens come from different alien cultures plus the aliens in Star Trek at least have an intelligent brain. Star Trek has the Vulcans (Mr. Spock is a vulcan and is highly intelligent if you ask me.) The Klingons, The Romulans, The Ferengis, and the Bajorans.