La Casa De Papel Berlin

La Casa De Papel Berlin Real Name

La Casa De Papel Pedro Alonso

La Casa De Papel Andrés de Fonollosa


He is a narcissist, egocentric and with delusions of greatness. Of fine manners and absolute lack of empathy. He believes himself to be superior to the rest of the band. With a tendency towards megalomania and the need to make a good impression with strangers. He also has a great sense of honor, he would never betray a partner.


His real name is Andrés de Fonollosa. He is the brother of Sergio Marquina, also known as El Profesor. They share the same father but different mother. Almost nothing is known about him. There are no official records and your passport is false. He suffers from a degenerative disease in the bones that forces him to inject a medication every few hours.

He is the only one who stays at the Factory to entertain the GEOs and that his companions can escape with the booty, giving their lives heroically. It is the “resistance”.


Berlin has been married several times, but no marriage has worked because of its character.

During the robbery, he meets Ariadna, one of the workers of the factory and hostage. During the days of the robbery, a strange relationship with her begins. But Ariadna is only with him for survival and to keep all his money once he dies. When Berlin finds out about his plan, he decides to keep it with him in the Factory, so when he dies shot by the GEOs, his plan disappears.