La Casa de Papel Rio

La Casa de Papel Rio

La Casa de Papel Rio Real Name

La Casa de Papel Rio

“Rio” is one of the members of the docking band at the National Currency and Stamp Factory. He is the band hacker. Computer program since the age of six. In fact, this has led him to be the target of Interpol.


Young, intelligent and dreamy. Little mature, it is the emotional weakest of the group. He has the most to lose, since his family is still out there. In spite of everything, he wants to prove to everyone with this theft that nothing escapes him. Your relationship with Tokyo will complicate the plan on more than one occasion.


His real name is Aníbal Cortés. Computer program since he was six years old and this has made him an objective of Interpol. Thanks to Professor, he is saved from being arrested. His parents are still out.

Start a relationship with Tokyo shortly after meeting on the farm in Toledo.

He is one of the robbers who manages to escape with the money.


The only relationship that is known is the one he has with Tokyo.

They met at the Toledo farm and failed to comply with the third rule of Professor: no personal relationships. Throughout the series they have difficulties in their relationship, often caused by external causes.

Rio is very much in love with her, so much so that she even asks for marriage the day before the robbery, to which she accepts days later.