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La Casa De Papel Tokio

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“Tokio” is a member of the docking band at the Mint and Stamp Factory. He is in search and capture by the police for the assault on a “Prosegur” van. Maintains a relationship with Rio.


Hard, impulsive, with an apparent lack of empathy (although this is just a pose). She is a survivor, her life was always a seesaw. He has nothing to lose with this robbery because he has nothing outside.


His real name is Silene Oliveira. He entered the world of crime with 14 years following in the footsteps of her boyfriend, 28. Since then he has alternated periods of normality, with his conventional employment, with others linked to all types of robberies, yes, more and more audacious. In one of them, the assault on a van of “Prosegur”, was involved in a shooting with the result of three deaths, one of them her boyfriend. He is in search and capture since then.

She is one of the robbers who gets out with the money.


Her first relationship was with a man fourteen years older than her. This relationship ended when her boyfriend was murdered after assaulting a van of “Prosegur”.

With Rio began their relationship after meeting on the farm in Toledo, breaking the third rule of Professor: no personal relationships. Rio is her weakness from the first moment, even though she is fifteen years older than him. The night before the robbery, he asks her for marriage by giving her the badge that bears his name, but he will not accept his marriage proposal until the last chapter. He almost got involved with Denver.

They will have problems during the whole robbery. First, when Rio was wounded after a first shooting with the police. Later, because of her jealousy towards Alison Parker. And finally when she is handed over to the police and is about to go to jail.

In the end, they both stay together.