La Casa de Papel Professor

La Casa de Papel Professor Real Name

La Casa de Papel Professor Sergio Marquina

“The Professor” is the leader of the gang of robbers to the Mint and Stamp Factory. He is a man of whom little is known and who likes to have calculated to the smallest detail. It is the brain of the operation.

Thirty-year-old, beard, pasta glasses … The brain of the operation. A man that nobody would associate a priori to any criminal plan. Dialogante, of fine irony and self-taught, is the antithesis of any of the individuals that make up his band. Superior intelligence, has planned for years to the smallest detail of the operation. He seems to know everything and anticipate everything from his observation post abroad.

His real name is Sergio Marquina. He was a sick child who spent his entire childhood in a hospital bed, reading and listening to stories about robberies that his father told him. He thought that all those stories were movies, until his father was shot to death at the door of the Hispano-American Bank. There he realized that those stories told by his father were actually the robberies he committed. The plan to dock the National Currency and Stamp Factory occurred to his father. His brother is Andrés de Fonollosa, aka Berlin, with whom he has been planning the robbery from his short lives.

He has not updated the DNI since he was 19 years old.

He’s one of the muggers who gets out with the money,

One of his tactics for the robbery to be carried out successfully will be to maintain direct contact with the police. To do this, he begins to establish friendship with Police Inspector Raquel Murillo. What began as a friendship to go one step ahead of the police at all times, becomes something more. The Professor falls in love with her and she with him, without knowing that he is the brain of the plan. Throughout the series we see moments of approach and promises, like going together to an island in the Philippines.

When he discovers his true identity, he gets angry and forces him to surrender, to which he refuses and manages to escape. In the end, she gives up on her plan and lets him escape with the money. A year after the robbery, Raquel discovers some coordinates on the postcards that he gave her. Travel to the island where they were going to go together and there they meet again.