La Casa de Papel Raquel Murillo

La Casa de Papel Raquel Murillo

La Casa de Papel Raquel Murillo Real Name

Raquel Murillo is the Police Inspector in charge to solve the robbery.
She is a woman in a world of men. She is strong, calm and intelligent, the one in charge of negotiating with the Professor. Its main objective in the robbery is zero victims.

Freshly divorced from an abusive husband, Raquel lives with her mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, and her seven-year-old daughter Paula. The robbery to the National Factory of Currency and Timber catches him at his personal worst, but to his surprise, this robbery will give him more things than he will take away from him.

I work hand in hand with sub-inspector Angel Rubio, friend and companion for years. During all the robbery you will have problems with Colonel Prieto. She is the best negotiator in the police force, and will try at all times to convince the Professor to surrender. Although it was not in his plans to fall in love with him.

Raquel was married to her partner, the police coroner, Alberto. With him he had a daughter, Paula, but he divorced him because of mistreatment. To his dismay, he did not report until months after the divorce, when he started dating his sister, making everyone take her for a jealous one.

Meet The Professor in a coffee shop near the factory, when he offers his cell phone to call. They begin to build friendships to the point of falling in love with him, but without knowing that he is really the master of the robbery. When she discovers it, she does everything possible to trap him and take him to jail, but in the end he convinces her and she gives in to his plan, letting him escape with the money and meeting him a year later in the Philippines.